The Apple iPadís most striking feature is its large touch screen, but for most apps, that boils down to more real estate for menus, information or video. In video games, the Apple iPadís 9.7-inch screen shines as an input device in ways that the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch never could.

For video games that require button-like input, the iPhoneís touch screen is a concession. Sure, it makes tower defense and card games more fun, but any attempts to demand precise input or emulate a game console controller lead to frustration.

The Apple iPad is a major improvement simply because it allows for better accuracy. For button-based games, itís not perfect, in the same way that the iPadís virtual keyboard canít replace the feel a physical one, but like the keyboard, itís a vast improvement over anything with a sub-4-inch screen.

The iPhoneís advantage remains its accelerometer. You donít gain any accuracy by twisting and turning the iPad in a racing game, and it feels clumsier and nerdier to do so. But the Apple iPad makes the most compelling case for touch-based controls Iíve seen yet.

The iPad was released with three options for internal storage size: 16, 32, or 64 GB. All data is stored on the flash drive and there is no option to expand storage. Apple sells a camera connection kit with an SD card reader, but it can only be used to transfer photos and videos.

The Wi-Fi + 3G model includes a micro-SIM slot located on the side of the device. Unlike the iPhone, which is usually sold locked to specific carriers, the 3G iPad is sold unlocked and can be used with any compatible GSM carrier. However, the physical shape of the micro-SIM tray is too small to fit regular SIM cards, making it impossible for end users to use their existing carrier plans with the device.

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